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List of Assorted Articles

The Power of One: Jimmy Carter
A Village Woman’s Legacy: An encounter with the victim of an old scourge gave a former President a new worldview—and a mission

Thin Gray Line
Eating disorders are surprisingly common at midlife

Second Chance at Love
What happens when two people meet and miss—only to reconnect years later? Sometimes, a happy ending

Turning Point: Alan Alda
A New Zest: Surviving major surgery reawakened a veteran actor
to the richness of life

Turning Point: Walter Cronkite
A Detour for Love: Walter Cronkite recalls being smitten by broadcasting
— and by Betsy

Turning Point: Toni Morrison
Pride and Joy: An author’s career born out of a mother’s devotion

Turning Point: Dr. Michael E. DeBakey
Heart & Soul: Learning to sew at 5 helped mold a pioneering surgeon

Turning Point: Francis Ford Coppola
Fantasy Life: Childhood polio allowed imagination to take flight, and a star was born

Turning Point: Judy Collins
Striking a Chord: At a tender age, Judy Blue Eyes dropped piano for guitar

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Chasing the Worm
Eradication of Guinea worm disease in Sudan (full text available upon request)

On wall street

The Power Players: Facing Their Destiny
Profile of Danny Ludeman, president & CEO, Wachovia Securities

The Top 40 Advisors Under 40
Profiles of Vanessa Gonzalez Anderson and Jean Chi-Yin Gannon, UBS, Palo Alto; Thomas Jenkins Jr., Merrill Lynch, Houston; Douglas John, UBS, Dallas

Bear Brokers in Limbo
Who’s scooping up Bear Stearns’s brokers now that the terms of the JPMorgan Chase deal are in place?

And the Winners Are…First Annual Branch Managers Award
Available upon request

Citi Streamlines Wealth Management
Clients will be segmented by net worth, but won’t be migrated

Citigroup Reorganizes Wealth Management Unit

Movers and Shakers 2008
Profiles of Jean-Claude Trichet, president, European Central Bank;
Robert E. Rubin, chairman, Citigroup; Jim O’Neill, head of Global Economic Research, Goldman Sachs

When the Music Stopped at Morgan Stanley, Gorman Was In, Cruz Out

On Wall Street book club
A Get-Green Scheme
, review and podcast interview, David Bach’s Go Green,
Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth (and Get Rich Trying)

It’s the Tariffs, Stupid! review of Eammon Fingleton’s In the Jaws of the Dragon: America’s Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Hegemony

Miracles in the Land of the Dragon, review of Robert Hsu’s China Fireworks: How to Make Dramatic Wealth From the Fastest-Growing Economy in the World

Deals and No Deals, review of Joe Nocera’s Good Guys and Bad Guys: Behind the Scenes with America’s Saints and Scoundrels (and Everything in Between)

Faster, Faster, Faster! review and podcast interview, Vince Poscente’s
The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World

Follow the Money, review and podcast interview, David J. Mullen Jr.’s The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice: A Proven System for Becoming a Top Producer

Dazzling by Doodling, review and podcast interview, Dan Roam’s
The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas With Pictures

When the Going Gets Tough, He Gets Juiced, review and podcast interview,
Steve Miller’s The Turnaround Kid: What I Learned Rescuing America’s Most Troubled Companies

Hail to the Chief, review and podcast interview, Mark McNeilly’s George Washington and the Art of Business: Leadership Principles of America’s First Commander-in-Chief

A Lifeline for Brokers and Managers, review and podcast interviews, Alden Cass, Brian F. Shaw and Sydney LeBlanc’s Bullish Thinking: The Advisor’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Wall Street and The Bullish Thinking Guide for Managers: How to Save Your Advisors and Grow Your Bottom Line

The Sun Never Sets On the Stock Market, review of Jeff D. Opdyke’s The World Is Your Oyster: The Guide to Finding Great Investments Around the Globe

Getting Inside the Heads of the Wealthy, review and podcast interview, Catherine S. McBreen and George H. Walper, Jr.’s Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On: The Wealth-Accumulation Secrets of America’s Richest Families

What’s the Big Idea?
Top industry figures share their ideas about the most important challenges of running a practice. Profiles of Joe Deitch, CEO, Commonwealth Financial Network; Sandra Timmermann, director, Metlife Mature Market Institute; Charles Roame, managing principal, Tiburon Strategic Advisor

Worried About Money?
Keep finances on an even keel in tough times

Hot List 2007
Reviews of venues in Argentina and Chile: Café Bonaparte, Buenos Aires; Catedral, Bar Yellow, Opera, Santiago; Awasi, San Pedro de Atacama
Available upon request

Women of the World
Five women from around the globe share their secrets for staying healthy

Chile With Spice
The Awasi Inn is both upscale and intimate
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

In today’s fast-paced Internet economy, business demands more than ever from technology, and IT professionals are feeling the heat. Is your company at risk of driving out its top talent? Cover story by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Diane Rezendes Khirallah and Michelle Lodge

IT’s Golden Oldies Keep Businesses in Tune
Green Thumb training program teaches valuable computer skills to older work

Boom Times for the Class of 2000
Talent-strapped companies get creative to attract young IT talent
Available upon request

NYWICI Now, editor of online newsletter
Available upon request

9to5: Get Me Back to Work On Time
Available upon request

9to5: Creative Childcare
Available upon request

The Play’s the Thing
All Dublin is a stage during next month’s enticing festival

Adventure Travel
Canoe the Everglades, race a car, join a cattle drive

The Sundance Resort Meal Plan
Fresh wholesome food is a trademark at Robert Redford’s resort

A Night to Remember
A craps dealer recalls a thrilling evening behind the felt

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