Michelle Lodge

Michelle Lodge is a journalist best known for her profiles of the accomplished and celebrated, the barely visible and everyone in between—as long as they have a good story to tell. Among the topics she covers are trends, health, books, business and personal finance. Former deputy managing editor of TIME, now editor-in-chief of the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, Adi Ignatius, says: “Michelle has an impressive ability to convey the big picture through the gathering of details big and small; she is sensitive to the plight of society’s underdogs; she is determined and bold in her interviews with prominent figures.”

For TIME, as a contributor, her series of profiles of iconic Americans included one of former President Jimmy Carter (“Power of One: A Village Woman’s Legacy”), in which she chronicled how the leader developed a fresh world view—and a mission—after meeting a young woman in Ghana who was suffering from a painful disease. In another piece, “Women of the World” for HEALTH, Michelle compared the American health-care system to that in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Lebanon and profiled a woman from each country. More recently, as a contributing editor at ON WALL STREET, she launched an online book club, which included her reviews of books and interviews with authors, via podcasts. Some of the topics she covered were how to roll with the market’s ups and downs or how to use George Washington’s example of integrity and perseverance to achieve business success in the 21st century.

Throughout her career, Michelle has tackled topics that matter: the implications of good versus poor health for the individual and the community, financial melt-down and recovery for industries, companies and individuals, technology and its effects on workers, dashed and realized hopes and the offbeat that makes a point, even if the point mainly is to amuse the reader. For example, do you know who holds the world record for lightening-fast oyster shucking? Ask Michelle.


A REPORTER’S LIFE Michelle writes for CNBC.com and BARRON’S about such topics as business, the business of healthcare, finance, earnings, politics and government and investing, and for other sites and publications on an array of subjects.

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